About us

Since 2017, Go Viral Network has brought together the leading thinkers and innovators in the fields of media, culture, business and technology from Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the United States. Our community includes journalists, entrepreneurs, creative industry workers, civil activists and also indifferent professionals in various fields who want to share experience, ideas, inspiration and receive a boost of creative energy to create new projects.

The project GoViral Dushanbe is a festival, workshops, discussions and various activities in the fields of media, culture, business and technology. The two-day GoViral festival will be held in Dushanbe and includes presentations, panel discussions, music, films, performances and master classes by leading trendsetters from the United States and Central Asia.

GoViralFestival will be held by the Tajik company UstoDesign with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan to provide an opportunity for a creative audience to invent, create and promote their content, inform, entertain, advertise and successfully interact with a global audience through social networks, new platforms and technologies.

  • To bring together innovators from the USA and Central Asia, to create a community for the exchange of ideas and joint projects
  • To expand and provide the audience with access to a variety of sources of information
  • To promote economic development through the spreading of innovations